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Lög félagsins - Kenpo Karate

The purpose of this regulation is to promote a work environment in accordance with our practice, many of these rules are of common sense, good education and good manners in order to achieve the common good of all through: Serving; Mind; Respect. In our Kenpo classes we develop the spirit of the warrior that consists of Respect; Modesty; Constancy and Effort.

1. Duties and obligations of the students

1.1. All student practitioners must be duly registered within the first 15 days of the month. Fees provide a place for practice and a way to display appreciation to the Instructor.


2. The practices will be carried out with adequate and clean clothing without footwear or socks.

3. To maintain order and the identity of the school, the student is required to buy the Kenpo regulation shirt within the first 15 days of the starting month.

4. The practice uniform is called karategui or GI, it must be white and have the regulatory patches of this school properly attached. The uniform will be kept neat and neatly folded; the accompanying belt must be the correct color that indicates the student´s grade.

5. Hygiene: The practitioner must keep the nails of the feet and hands clean and short. If he wears long hair he must keep it taken.

6. Behavior: The student must arrive five minutes before the start of the class, upon entering the Dojo he will greet the Badge will do it in a calm and respectful way. If he is late, he will enter without signaling without shouting and will wait at the entrance for the instructor to authorize him to enter and will be located in the last row, with this we avoid interruptions.

7. It is the student´s duty to maintain a calm environment without shouting that does not correspond or that interrupts the class.

8. It is not allowed to practice with rings, bracelets, earrings, chains, or any other object that by its nature can cause injury to both the wearer and the companions.

9. Higher grade students are those who have the obligation and responsibility to comply with and enforce these rules since they are the example for younger students.

Chief instructor: Móses Kjartan Jósefsson

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